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Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t. There have been moments, sitting in the dark in a backwoods Maine motel room – the dank smell of wetsuit wafting from the bathroom – that I’ve stared at my laptop and wanted to cry. “Totally out of focus!” If the clip is similar to one I’ve bagged before? I might curse. If it’s a close up of a huge snapping turtle or a gracefully swimming loon? I want to cry. But I don’t. (sniff) Comes with the territory.
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Upcoming Tripod Videos, Tips & Tutorials from Pakpod

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Pakpod creator and waterlogged UnderWaterGuy checking in.

Do you love exploring beautiful natural places? I do! Do you love traveling light and capturing nature’s best with compact camera gear? Me too!

If you’re adventurous, curious, outdoorsy – and you appreciate a good laugh now and then – I’d love to stay in touch by sending along quick bits of beauty, tips for shooting on-the-go, and some stuff to make you smile. With summer racing to a close I’m feeling like it’s time to ramp up the fun. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter in the sidebar.

Seeing as my #1 love is free diving and #2 is filming life~in~flow~motion below and above the surface, I’ll usually include a super-short video that highlights the subject at hand. If you’re not sure what’s in store, here’s a sampler of posts that will be coming your way… Read More