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Appalachian Trail Hiker Jeff Ryan – VW Vans, Books + Pakpods

A brief post and shout-out to fellow Mainer (and author) Jeff Ryan, who’s put together a one-minute video about how he uses a Pakpod on his hiking excursions.

Those excursions have included the entire Appalachian Trail and most of the Pacific Crest Trail. Jeff’s also written a number of books, one of which is about hiking the AT. Check it out here.

Appalachian Odyssey: A 28 Year Hike on America’s Trail

(Book info:) When two friends went for a one-day hike in Maine in 1985, they had no idea they were actually starting a 2,100 mile, 28-year adventure. Inspired by the author’s trail journals, Appalachian Odyssey is not a “how to” guide, but an enduring story told through a refreshing blend of history, photography and wit. This Appalachian Trail book is an uplifting reminder that the most meaningful accomplishments in life rarely happen overnight, but are achieved by making steady progress toward our goals. (Published by Down East Books. First edition: July, 2016.)

If you’re considering hiking a specific section of the AT, he’s also created a page that provides valuable state-by-state information about the trail so you’ll know what to expect when you hike there.

Fourteen Flavors of Amazing (State-By-State Descriptions of the AT)

(From Jeff:) I love finding new places to hike. As the Geico voiceover man would say, “If you’re Jeff Ryan, it’s what you do.” One thing I found missing when I looked around on the web was that there wasn’t a “go to” place for learning about the trail on a state-by-state basis. So, here it is. (A.T. TRAIL INFO)

That’s it for now. Have fun out there! ~ Steve





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